Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Deflating? | how To Stop It

Are you looking for ways to keep your air mattress inflated for longer? Whether you’re camping outdoors or just need a temporary solution for overnight guests, we have some tips and tricks on how to keep your air mattress from deflating. Read on to learn more!

Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Deflating?

An air mattress may deflate due to a variety of factors, including punctures, temperature, and pressure. It is important to ensure that your air mattress is the correct size for the space you are using it in and that the surroundings are kept clean and free of sharp objects or small debris.

Also, if your mattress is brand new, some deflation may be quite normal and it is important to check for any miniscule leaks or weak points at the valve. The pressure of body weight can also cause the air to slowly leak out.

air mattress keep deflating

9 Reasons Why My Air Mattress Keeps Deflating?

1. Improper Use: Air mattresses are designed to be used indoors, away from sharp objects, and with enough space for the mattress to move. If the mattress is used in a space that is too small, it may cause the air to escape.

2. Temperature: During colder temperatures, the air inside of the mattress may condense, which can cause it to deflate.

3. Pumping Predicament: If the mattress is not pumped up correctly, it may cause it to deflate quickly.

4. Leak: A leak in the area of the pump or a small puncture in the vinyl of the mattress can cause it to deflate.

5. Overuse: If an air mattress is used repeatedly, it may be more prone to deflating due to wear and tear.

6. Poor Storage: If an air mattress is not stored properly, it may be more prone to deflating due to exposure to moisture or sharp objects.

7. Poor Quality: An air mattress that is of poor quality may be prone to deflating quickly due to poor construction materials.

8. Age: An old air mattress may be more prone to deflating quickly due to its age and lack of maintenance.

9. Sitting on It: Sitting on the edges of an air mattress for too long can cause it to deflate. This is because the extra weight on one side can cause an imbalance in the mattress pressure, leading to deflation.

How to Keep Air Mattress from Deflating

Keeping an air mattress inflated is essential when camping, but it can be a challenge in certain conditions.

To keep the bed from going flat, don’t sleep on it for two or three days after you’ve blown it up. Pay attention to the temperature and place a camping heater nearby to maintain the temperature around the bed. Keep an eye on the inflation pressure and make sure it is not overloaded.

When deflating, open the air valve and allow it to deflate completely before packaging.

If you think you have a leak, make a strong soap solution and apply it generously on the surface of the mattress, especially near the edges.

You can also use a mattress topper to maintain your air mattress from going flat while you sleep. These tips will help ensure that your air mattress stays inflated and comfortable during your camping trip!


In conclusion, it is important to take all the necessary steps to ensure your air mattress stay inflated. Keep the temperature constant and avoid fluctuations and make sure to use a mattress topper. Also, ensure that you lie flat on the bed and not sit on the sides or ends. Following all these tips will help you keep your air mattress from deflating overnight.

FAQs About Deflating  Mattress

Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Deflating Overnight?

There can be a few reasons why your air mattress is deflating overnight. One reason is that there may be a small leak or weak connection at the valve, causing the air to slowly leak out. Additionally, the air in the mattress contracts at lower temperatures, so if you are camping in a cooler environment, the mattress may deflate.

Finally, all pressurized containers made out of polymers, such as air mattresses, will gradually lose air over time.

How Can I Stop My Air Mattress from Deflating Overnight?

To help keep your air mattress from deflating overnight, make sure to monitor the room temperature and keep it close to the air temperature within the air mattress.

Additionally, be sure to not over-inflate it and to avoid any sharp objects near the mattress. When inflating, pay particular attention to the area and ensure that all stones, no matter how small, are cleared away.

What Would Cause an Air Mattress to Measure Differently?

An air mattress may measure differently if it has been punctured, if the valve is left open, or if there is too much pressure placed on the mattress.

Why Is My Air Mattress Deflating?

Your air mattress may be deflating due to its design, the temperature, or the pressure applied to it. It may also be deflating because of a puncture or a leak in the valve.

How Can I Prevent My Air Mattress from Deflating?

To prevent your air mattress from deflating, make sure to inflate it when in use, and deflate it for storage. Additionally, check the valve for any leaks, and consider investing in an air pump with an auto-inflate feature.

How Do I Inflate an Air Mattress?

You can inflate an air mattress by using an electric or manual pump. Electric pumps are typically faster and more efficient, but manual pumps are cheaper and easier to maintain.

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