8 Travel Metasearch Sites Like Orbitz to Use

When it comes to booking travel, there are a lot of great sites like Orbitz out there. But how do you know which is the best site for you? And which offers the best deals? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular travel booking sites similar to Orbitz and see what they can offer.

Sites Like Orbitz

About Orbitz

First, let’s take a look at Orbitz. Launched in 2001, Orbitz is one of the oldest and most popular travel booking websites. It offers a comprehensive selection of flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services.  Its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, at the Citigroup Center.

Orbitz is known for its user-friendly website design and its competitive prices.

8 Best websites similar to Orbitz

1. Kayak


Kayak is an aggregator with a strong focus on last minute deals. The site is mostly used by business travelers, but it’s still a great choice for leisure travelers as well. Because this site mostly searches OTA sites. It is a good site to list family deals with because it mostly searches OTA sites. It’s also a good way to get listed if you own a vacation rental property.

2. Agoda

Agoda Homes

Agoda is also among the metasearch sites like orbitz that specialize in last-minute and last-minute group discounts. They also offer a lot of flexibility with their payment and commission structures as they give you control over how much you want to charge per booking. They also have an “Express” option that allows you to bundle your deals and commission fees to appear higher in the search results.

3. Trivago


Trivago is another popular metasearch engine that offers a lot of value for travellers. They are getting more popular as a tool to book hotels and flights and this is because they offer an easy-to-use metasearch engine that is transparent and it is powerful. It allows you to be listed in a variety of channels including the top package aggregators and OTAs as property owners. It also allows you to select your own package price.

4. Booking.com

Booking 1

As the first hotel booking site to be founded in 1996, Booking.com has become a worldwide leader in the travel market. They offer over 1 million hotel listings worldwide, as well as flight and rental car listings. Their simple, clear hotel booking website is constantly updated to offer the most comprehensive inventory of hotels and vacation packages.

They’ve also recently begun offering the business traveller a different option for booking corporate travel, with the ability to book a block of rooms at affordable group rates. It offers a wide array of options, including flexible payment options, discounts for booking multiple accommodations, and a unique Rewards Program.

5. Hotwire


Hotwire is another one of the oldest travel booking sites in the business. Founded in 2000, it has been in business long enough to learn a few things about hotel booking. It does a good job by offering secret deals, which is a type of hotel discount not often seen elsewhere.

Secret deals are time-sensitive, so you have to plan ahead to get the best deals. However, if you don’t want to do that, the site’s standard deals are still good options. The site also has a great price predictor tool to help you find the best prices.

6. Priceline


On Priceline, you’ll find deals on hotels, flights, rental cars, and more just as other metasearch sites like orbitz. They’re one of the best places to find good deals on things like hotel rooms because of their price guarantee. It claims to offer the best deals on hotel rooms. You’re guaranteed to get a lower price than you’d get on other sites, but if they can’t match the price.

7. Travelocity


Travelocity has been around for a long time, and they’ve been a favourite of mine for years. While they don’t have the largest selection of hotels, they do have a lot of the best deals, and they’re often the first to put a hotel on sale. The site itself is sleek, fast, and easy to use. The site also includes flight search, hotel search, and car rental searches.

I particularly love the fact that you can search for hotels that are available in a particular city or region, which is a nice value-add over going to a hotel search engine that only shows you options within a particular city. Finally, the site has a great, user-friendly mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android.

8. Hopper

Hopper is a great destination for finding great deals on hotel rooms. As you search for your hotel, the site will automatically track the prices you find, and keep you informed on how the price of your hotel has changed in the last 24 hours. As you continue to search for a hotel, you’ll see a “Save” button that will take you to a page that’ll give you a personalized list of hotels that match your price range.

You can use this list to compare your options and narrow down what you want to book.

I like this feature because it helps you compare the value of different hotels with the same amenities and location. The Hopper site is very intuitive and easy to use, and you can filter your search results in a number of different ways. You can filter the hotels based on location, price, features, and amenities. You can also filter hotels by name, brand, location, and other ways.

FAQs About Orbitz

What is Orbitz?

Orbitz is an online travel agency that offers great deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, vacation packages and more. With Orbitz, you can easily compare prices and find the best deals for your next trip.

Which Is Better Orbitz or Expedia?

It can be hard to decide which travel booking site is best for you, Orbitz or Expedia. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what kind of deal you’re looking for. Both Orbitz and Expedia offer a wide variety of deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals, so it really depends on what kind of package you’re looking for.

Is Orbitz a good travel website?

Yes, Orbitz is a great travel website. It offers a wide range of deals on plane tickets, hotels, car rentals and more. It also has a user-friendly interface and provides helpful customer service. With Orbitz, customers have access to a variety of discounts, including last-minute deals and special offers.

Is orbitz good for flights?

Orbitz is a great option for booking flights. They offer competitive prices and a wide selection of flights and destinations. Plus, they provide customers with helpful tools, such as price alerts and flexible dates, to make sure you get the best deal.

Does Orbitz Accept Paypal?

Yes, Orbitz does accept PayPal. We offer a range of payment options, including T/T, Western Union, and PayPal. We understand that convenience is important to our customers, which is why we are pleased to be able to offer PayPal as a payment method.

How do I book a flight on Orbitz?

Booking a flight on Orbitz is easy and convenient. First, select the type of flight you are looking for (one-way, round-trip, etc.). Then, enter your departure and arrival cities and dates. After that, you can customize your search by selecting nonstop, flexible dates, and other preferences. Finally, you can review the list of available flights and select the one that fits your needs.

How do I find the best deals on Orbitz?

To find the best deals on Orbitz, use the Price Assurance tool to compare prices across multiple airlines and dates. You can also set up Price Alerts to be notified when prices change, or take advantage of their special deals and discounts.

Is it safe to book with Orbitz?

Yes, Orbitz is a secure site and uses the latest encryption technology to protect your personal information. In addition, all reservations made through Orbitz are backed by their Best Price Guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Are there any fees associated with booking on Orbitz?

No, there are no fees associated with booking on Orbitz. You will only be charged for the cost of your travel bookings.

Does Orbitz offer customer service?

Yes, Orbitz offers 24/ 7 customer service to help with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach customer service by calling 1-888-656-4546.

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