How to Clean Leather Gloves at Home | Step-By-Step Guide

Here you will learn how to clean leather gloves! Whether you’re looking to give your work gloves a deep clean or just freshen them up, we have all the tips and tricks you need.

Leather work gloves are a great accessory, but they can get dirty easily and require some extra care. In this guide, we’ll be taking you through the steps of how to properly clean leather gloves, from removing the liners to drying them off. Follow along for tips on how to keep your leather gloves looking their best!

Can You Wash Leather Gloves?

Leather gloves can be wiped with a specific leather cleaner to remove dirt or with a clean flannel. It is important to note that you should not immerse leather gloves in water, as this could cause the leather to shrink or become misshapen. You can try the step below to get your leather gloves clean.

Clean Leather Gloves at Home

How to Clean Leather Gloves at Home

Below are the 8 steps to follow to get the job done.

1. Remove the Liners

Before you begin your leather gloves cleaning, it’s important to remove the liners, if its possible. Take out the cashmere lining to ensure that it is not damaged during the cleaning process. Once you have removed the liners, you can proceed with the cleaning process.

2. Dust it

Dusting your leather work gloves is an essential part of the cleaning process. Use a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, to remove dirt and grime from the outside of the gloves. Make sure to be gentle when dusting, as too much rubbing can cause damage to the leather. After dusting, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

3. Prepare a Soft Soap Solution

If you are looking for a specialist cleaner, you can purchase special leather cleaning solutions. Alternatively, you can use soft soap such as saddle soap or ph-neutral non detergent soap mixed with water. Mix one part of the soap with two parts of warm water in a bowl until it forms a lather. This mixture can be used to clean your gloves.

4. Use a Cloth and Soap Solution

Leather gloves cleaning require careful cleaning to maintain their look and feel. For lightly soiled gloves, you can use a cloth and a soft soap solution you have prepared. Start by mixing lukewarm water with a suitable cleaning solution that is kind to leather such as soap flakes.

Next, dip a soft cloth in the solution and lather it up. Then, coat the leather gloves ensuring that the soap gets in between the creases and folds.

5. Gently Wipe Off Cleaning Solution

Once you have finished applying the cleaning solution, it’s time to gently wipe off the solution. Use a soft cloth and lightly dab it over the gloves. Do not rub or wipe the leather, as this can cause tearing and deterioration.

Instead, gently pad the surface of the leather to remove any dirt or grime. Be sure to use circular motions to ensure that all the dirt is removed. Once you have finished wiping off the cleaning solution, leave your gloves to dry before continuing with the next step.

6. Apply a Leather Cleaner

Apply a Leather Cleaner

Leather cleaners are great for getting rid of dirt and grime that has accumulated on your gloves. Before you start, make sure to test a small area of the leather to make sure the cleaner does not discolour the leather.

Use a soft cloth and apply the leather cleaner in a circular motion, making sure to cover all areas of the leather. After you have applied the cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes. Then use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess cleaner. Make sure to dry your gloves before storing them or wearing them again.

7. Use a White Vinegar Solution

It is advisable to use a white vinegar solution for removing stubborn stains from leather work gloves. To create the solution, mix at least 50 percent white vinegar with water in a bowl. Then dip a cotton ball in the solution and rub the stained area gently.

Once the stains are removed, use a damp cloth with mild liquid soap to clean the glove and rinse with clean water.

8. Dry the Gloves

Dry the Gloves Leather Gloves

Once you have finished cleaning the leather gloves, make sure to dry them properly. The best way to do this is to use an absorbent cloth and pat the interior of the gloves dry. If you don’t have an absorbent cloth, you can use a paper towel instead. Do not use a hairdryer or other heat source to dry the gloves, as this could damage the leather. To make sure the gloves are completely dry, leave them out in a well-ventilated area for several hours before wearing them again.

How to Clean White Leather Gloves

Cleaning white leather gloves can be done at home with a few simple steps.

First, remove any dirt or debris from the leather surface with a soft cloth. Then, prepare a cleaning solution of mild soap and warm water.

Dip a soft cloth in the solution and carefully wipe the leather gloves. Rinse with a damp cloth and let the leather air dry. Once dry, apply a leather conditioner to keep the gloves soft and supple. When cleaning leather gloves, it is also important to avoid using harsh detergents or abrasive materials when cleaning leather gloves.

How to Clean Leather Gloves Inside

To clean leather gloves inside, start by removing any dirt or debris from the outside of the glove. Once you have done this, use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe the inside of the glove. Then, use a leather cleaner or a mild detergent to cleas the leather. Make sure to rinse off all the cleaner before you dry with a damp cloth. After the gloves are dry, store them in a cool and ventilated place, such as a drawer or closet. This will help keep them clean for longer.

Bottom Line

It is important to remember that when cleaning your leather gloves, you should always use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning solution and method. Also, be sure to use a cloth or brush that is specifically designed for leather, as other materials may damage the leather. After all of the cleaning steps are completed, be sure to completely dry the gloves before storing them away. With the right kind of care and maintenance, you can enjoy your leather gloves for years to come.

Frequently asked question

Can You Put Leather Gloves in The Dryer?

No, it is not recommended to put leather gloves in the dryer.

Can I Wash My Gloves?

No, washing your gloves is not recommended as it can damage the leather. Instead, spot clean them with a mild detergent and a clean cloth.

 what Products Should I Use to Clean Leather Gloves?

For a quick spot clean, dampen a cloth and use a mild soap to gently rub the dirt off of the leather glove. For a deeper clean, you can use an oil-based soap such as saddle soap. You may also use a leather cleaner or white vinegar solution.

How Often Should I Clean My Gloves?

You should clean your gloves as little as possible. If your gloves get dirty, spot clean them with a mild detergent and a clean cloth instead of washing them or using harsh chemicals.

How Do I Dry Wash Leather Gloves After Cleaning Them?

After spot cleaning, allow your gloves to air dry completely before wearing them again. Do not use a blow dryer or other heat source to speed up the drying process as this can damage the leather.

What if the leather is still stained after cleaning?

You can try using a leather conditioner to help remove stubborn stains from your gloves. Be sure to test the conditioner on an inconspicuous area first before applying it to the entire glove.

Can I use a washing machine to clean my gloves?

No, you should avoid using a washing machine to wash leather gloves as this can damage the material and reduce its lifespan. Instead, spot clean them with a mild detergent and a clean cloth.

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