4 Tips to Clean Non Removable & Removable Insoles Shoes

Are your feet feeling a little stinky and you’re not sure how to clean your non removable insoles? Don’t worry! Cleaning your non-removable insoles is an important part of preserving the life of your shoes. It’s important to clean not only the exterior of your shoes, but also the inner sole as dirt and grime can cause damage to the material. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to clean them with various methods, how to prevent damage, and how to clean removable insoles.

Clean Non-Removable Insoles

How to Clean Non-Removable Insoles

The method below work for almost all type of shoe even for leather shoes.

1. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a great way to clean non-removable insoles, as it has antiseptic properties. To use it, simply pour a small amount onto a paper towel or cloth and wipe down the insole. Make sure to get in all of the crevices and grooves.

This solution can also be used to disinfect the inside of your shoes. After wiping down the insoles with rubbing alcohol, let them dry completely before wearing them again.

2. Try Baking Soda Paste

Baking Soda paste

Baking soda is a great way to clean non-removable insoles. Combine one tablespoon baking soda with 2-4 teaspoons of water to make a thick paste. Use a toothbrush to scrub the insoles in a circular motion and then wait for it to dry.

If there are any stains or grime remaining, apply the baking soda paste over them and gently scrub. For foul odours, put one to two teaspoons of baking soda in a large plastic bag and place the insoles in it for a few hours. Baking soda can also be used to neutralize odours and kill bacteria.

3. Using Handheld Steamer

Using a handheld steamer is another effective way to clean your non-removable insoles. It is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions before using a steamer on your shoes. Generally, it is best to hold the steamer around 5 – 6 inches away from the insole and run it over the surface until it is slightly damp. This will help loosen any dirt and debris that has accumulated on the surface of the insole.

After steaming, it is important to allow the insole to dry completely before wearing them again. Additionally, when using a steamer, be sure to avoid any direct contact with fabrics or leather as this could damage them permanently.

4. Try Dish Soap

For another way to clean non-removable insoles, try using dish soap. Simply mix a few drops of liquid dish soap into a cup of warm water. Dip a soft-bristled toothbrush into the soapy water, and gently scrub the insoles with it. Make sure not to saturate the insoles with water, and then air dry them overnight.

For best results, use this method in combination with other cleaning techniques outlined above, such as rubbing alcohol and baking soda paste. By combining multiple cleaning methods, you can ensure that your non-removable insoles are thoroughly clean and disinfected.

Preventive Care for Non-Removable Insoles

Preventive care is key when it comes to keeping your non-removable insoles clean and free of bacteria.

To prevent buildup of dirt, sweat and other materials, it’s important to wear socks with your shoes. Wearing socks will help absorb moisture and keep dirt away from the insoles.

Also, make sure that you are wearing the right size shoe so that your foot won’t be slipping in the shoe, causing friction and rubbing on the insoles.

Additionally, if you live in a wet climate, you should consider getting a waterproofing spray to protect your shoes from getting wet and damaging your insoles.

Taking these simple preventive steps can make a huge difference in how long your non-removable insoles last and keep them looking like new.

How to Clean Removable Insole

Removable insoles are different from non-removable insoles in that they can be taken out of the shoe for cleaning.

Cleaning removable insoles is relatively easy, and can be done with a few simple steps. First, remove the insole from the shoe and place it on a flat surface. Next, use a damp cloth or sponge to lightly scrub off any dirt or debris from the insole’s surface.

Finally, rinse off the insole with clean water and let it air-dry for a few hours before placing it back in the shoe. For more thorough cleaning of removable insoles, you can also use rubbing alcohol, baking soda paste, handheld steamer or a toothbrush to scrub off any remaining dirt or bacteria.

How to Disinfect Inside of Shoes

After cleaning non-removable insoles, it is important to disinfect the inside of shoes. To do this, use a damp sponge or cloth with a disinfectant solution or a mixture of water and vinegar. Make sure to get into the crevices where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.

Take extra care around the laces and tongue of the shoe, as these areas can be particularly prone to dirt and bacteria. Let the shoes dry out thoroughly before wearing them. If desired, you can also apply a layer of powder or spray deodorizer to freshen up the shoe and reduce any odours.


Cleaning non-removable insoles can be a time-consuming task compared to removable insoles, but it’s worth the effort to keep your feet healthy and your shoes smelling fresh.

With the right tools and techniques, you can effectively clean and disinfect both removable and nonremovable insoles. Before you attempt to clean your insoles, make sure you know what type of insole you have so you can choose the right cleaning method. Regularly cleaning your shoes and insoles is the best way to keep them smelling fresh and looking new.

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