I am stuck. 

There are reasons for it. Some are obvious: it’s spring break, business keeps me busy, E is working a lot, blah blah blah. Maybe I should blame the fact that my only source of inspiration this week has been episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine. But there are other reasons, stuff I’m not quite ready to write about yet. At least, I assume these are all reasons. It could just be something that happens. I don’t know.

But I have several posts working with sponsors and reviewing stuff that need to go up soon but haven’t yet because I want to do my work well and I haven’t been able to. 

So instead of trying to craft a post around some kind of theme or event I’m just going to write about random stuff.

Deal with it.

Tessa has started sleeping through the night. FINALLY. After 14 months of her insanity and several months of pregnancy insomnia, my body doesn’t know what to do with itself. A couple nights this week she woke up for a drink in the middle of the night and I could not get back to sleep afterwards even though I used to do it multiple times a night just a few weeks ago. 

I have totally cheated when it comes to spring break. My last day is today. Tomorrow I’m going down to Philly with Charlene for Type A Advanced. I won’t get back until Sunday afternoon and Graham goes back to school on Monday. BAM. Killed it.

As today is my last day of spring break, we’re sitting around the house doing nothing. Graham is still in his pajamas. But hey, laundry is getting done. Dishes are getting washed. I got a shower. These are not guarantees, so I’m feeling okay.

I am the lamest cast member of Listen To Your Mother ever. I haven’t submitted anything that I’m supposed to. I haven’t made my final edit on my piece. I blame the funk. I took it upon myself to give myself some inspirational memes to help me get it together.

hey girl Mother funker


hey girl 2 Mother funker


But I have to admit, I prefer this one:

hey girl 3 Mother funker hey girl 3 Mother funker


That’s right. Instead of doing stuff, I make memes about how I’m not doing stuff. I have a problem.

Man, I could go for a nap.

Tonight I’m going to Taste of the Nation in cocktail party clothes to eat fantastic food and sample a wide variety of adult beverages. Hoping that and the Philly trip will be funk-breaking. 


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  1. I like random. I need to do some of that myself, b/c I had tons of great posts in my head before I started a blog. Now…not so much.
    I am also impressed with the memes – I don’t know how to do that, so it seems really fancy to me. I think it’s pretty creative too – I like the one with the “You make writer’s block look good.”
    I totally get the bad sleeping when you don’t have to sleep badly anymore. I used to work at night after the kiddo went to bed. I don’t do that anymore (not allowed, schedule change) – some nights I work out instead. Some nights I do what I’m doing now, basically nothing, reading blogs & checking FB and such. Staying up later than I need to, in order to feel guilty about it tomorrow, vowing that “tonight, I will go to bed early.” Yeah, I can’t. Over 2.5 years of working at night, nearly 7 nights per week – it’s gonna take awhile to get used to being able to go to bed before 11 especially since for the first six months of it, I was often up working toward 1am.
    May sleep come easier to you sooner.
    Jenny Saul-Avila recently posted..It’s been awhile

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