Cocktail Hour with Heart of Haiti

Sometimes being a blogger is really hard work. And sometimes, well sometimes you just kick back, sip your cocktail and think that you have it pretty good.

This is a post where two things I love come together beautifully.

IMG 6691 e1363045436147 Cocktail Hour with Heart of Haiti

Don’t just look at the gorgeous drink. Don’t you love that tray? It’s part of a set.

It’s a part of one of my favorite lines: the Heart of Haiti artisan series at Macy’s.

heart of haiti collage Cocktail Hour with Heart of Haiti

(Oh, and hey, whaddya know, they’re on sale right now for $29.99!)

But they weren’t just going to send me the trays to look at and take pretty pictures. They said, “Oh, and by the way, how about you make some cocktails?”

You don’t have to ask me twice.

I chose to make the Goslings Ginger Ale Cocktail by chef Ming Tsai not realizing that it was not just throwing some stuff in a glass. This was an intense recipe. And it ended up being kismet that at the last minute I got together with my friend Kathy to put these together.

Kathy is the kind of person who looked at this recipe and said, “Making my own candied ginger??? Yes, please!” I’m so glad I have her in my life. Because I am not the girl who makes her own ginger syrup. Kathy is the girl who makes it and then sends you home with extra.

DSC 00631 e1363048177447 Cocktail Hour with Heart of Haiti

DSC 0069 e1363048360276 Cocktail Hour with Heart of Haiti

We used Kraken Rum instead of Goslings, as you can see. Because, well, it’s KRAKEN RUM. (And that’s what Kathy had.)

So I didn’t really know what to expect with this cocktail. I’ve had the ginger ale everyone has, that doesn’t actually have *ginger* in it. I’ve definitely never had homemade ginger ale.

Then there were the mixers. Ginger, rum, lime and… orange juice? This seemed sketchy but we followed the recipe right on. Kathy even made some lovely lines of lime zest for garnish to keep the candied ginger company.

IMG 6711 e1363048697583 Cocktail Hour with Heart of Haiti

The moment of truth came. We took a sip and… well, it wasn’t what I expected. It was fantastic.

Light, sweet, sharp. Somehow all the flavors came together to taste like something totally different than the individual ingredients. It may sound strange, but it kind of tasted like cream soda. Like the best cream soda ever.

As a thank you to my fantastic partner in cocktail-making (let’s be honest, she did the work) I left her with these lovely trays. She will make great use of them, I’m sure. And someday when I don’t have tiny children in my house I will do some serious entertaining myself…

This post is sponsored by the Everywhere Society. I was compensated with these trays which made a great gift to pass on to my fantastic hostess and partner in crime.

Thank you to Kathy Day for the first and last pics. They are super lovely.

7 Responses to Cocktail Hour with Heart of Haiti

  1. Megan says:

    I. Am. Drooling!!!!
    Megan recently posted..Treat Cupcake Bar — Needham, MA

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  3. Moro Baruk says:

    I love the way you present these trays. Did you know they represent sea grape leaves? How do I know? I made them. Turn them around and see my name.
    I am very grateful to Macy’s for buying them

  4. Kristin says:

    Those Kraken Rum Ginger Ale cocktails look like the best drinks ever, and Moro’s trays are absolutely gorgeous – I think I need to take a ride to Macy’s! Count me in for the next happy hour!
    Kristin recently posted..Quirky Quips & Backseat Banter – Presidential Disqualifiers

  5. Lexi says:

    Oh My Goodness this looks incredible, Jessica! Everywhere thanks you for this phenomenal post!

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