A Perfect Summer Treat

I’ve had this idea for ages. I wanted to do it for Graham’s birthday last year but never got around to it.

But this year, especially with help from my mom and sister, we pulled it off.

Birthday cakes tend to be too heavy, too rich and too loaded with sugar for my taste. And since Graham’s birthday is smack dab in the middle of the hot summer, I’d rather have something cool, light and a little tart.

So we made Summer Fruit Cakes.

cakes3 A Perfect Summer Treat

These are surprisingly easy to make and not at all expensive. If you have a crowd on the smaller side you can do it with one small seedless watermelon.

cakes collage 2 A Perfect Summer Treat

We started with a seedless watermelon, cut it in half, and set out to remove the rind. When I say “we” I mostly mean my Mom, who took on the task with her usual tenacity and expertise. She took care of the rind by taking her knife around the inside of the rind and then cutting out triangles.

cakes collage 3 1024x341 A Perfect Summer Treat

With the little bit of rind on top, we cut a clean slice across.

From here, we cut the melon into several slices straight across. If you’d rather, you could easily cut it in half first to make this easier.

IMG 2856 1024x768 A Perfect Summer Treat

Mom pulled out a very long knife for this job. She did pretty well getting nice even slices.

Next we enlisted the help of these Williams-Sonoma biscuit cutters.

IMG 2857 300x225 A Perfect Summer Treat

Also note the wax paper we laid out on the counter to keep this from getting too messy. Watermelon is a lot juicier than you realize.

Once you hit this point, the hardest part is all done. Smooth sailing from here on out. Just start cutting out cute little circles of watermelon.

cakes collage 4 1024x341 A Perfect Summer Treat

If you look closely, you’ll see that we played a little bit towards the end and made some heart-shaped melons.

There’s only two more ingredients: Whipped cream and blueberries. To keep our lives easy, we just used the whipped cream that comes in a can.

For the bottom layer of your cake, use a slightly thicker slice of melon. Then cover it with a small layer of cream. We did our fair share of experimenting and while you can just lay the berries on top of the fizzy cream, I liked the look of it better when I used a spoon or spatula to smooth the cream out.

IMG 2906 300x225 A Perfect Summer Treat

Add a layer of blueberries, pressing them lightly into the cream. Then just add another slice of melon (slightly thinner) on top.

For Graham I added 3 little blobs of cream on top with 3 little berries in them to celebrate his 3rd birthday.

IMG 2900 300x225 A Perfect Summer Treat

The kids didn’t care much if theirs were pretty. They highly enjoyed demolishing them.

cakes collage 5 1024x341 A Perfect Summer TreatA fun treat for the kids. Graham was over the moon having his very favorite things all together in his “birthday cake.’

Fear not, you don’t have to be messy to eat these delicious cakes.

cakes collage 6 1024x512 A Perfect Summer Treat

Yeah, there’s some juice. But this IS watermelon. Nothing a little plate can’t handle. These aren’t good finger foods, but they’re perfect for a light summer snack or dessert.

Honestly, I had this idea mostly to make something I knew the Bug would love. But I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I’m not even a big blueberry lover, but it was a great counterpoint to the mellow melon and the cream.

If you’re going to be cutting up a watermelon, this is just a little extra effort to make a super cool treat.

cakes3 202x300 A Perfect Summer Treat


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